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Gaming the Mobile: "Electronic Arts couldn't beat Jamdat, so last week it made the largest acquisition in its history, paying $680 million for the Los Angeles-based game maker (pdf), reports Business 2.0. The deal gives EA, the world's largest publisher of PC and console videogames, a lead in the burgeoning $2.6 billion market for cell-phone videogames.

EA and JAMDAT together plan to publish over 50 games for mobile phones in the first twelve months following the completion of the acquisition, including popular titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, JAMDAT Bowling, Need For SpeedTM, EA SPORTS Madden NFLTM Football and EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer.

Jamdat now controls roughly 25 percent of the U.S. market, and it's been consistently profitable: Driven by its flagship games, Bejeweled, Jamdat Bowling, and Tetris, the company has posted four straight profitable quarters since its initial public offering in October 2004, and revenues are expected to reach $80 million this year.
Rumors of a Jamdat acquisition have been swirling for months. During the summer both Electronic Arts and Microsoft (MSFT) were mentioned as possible suitors. The logic was simple: Founded in early 2000, Jamdat was one of the first companies to make mobile games. Since then, it has mastered the art of forging relationships with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, and other carriers, which control"

The Business Blogging 500, Wiki Powered

The Business Blogging 500, Wiki Powered: "Chris Anderson (Wired/Long Tail Blog) kicks off an open research project:

Short Form: In collaboration with Socialtext, we've created a wiki that tracks which of the Fortune 500 is blogging. Check it out here. 

Jason Calacanis already did by contributing Time Warner Inc (he should know), increasing the count to 14 of the Fortune 500, or 3%:

Blogging F500 Company Sample Blog Amazon.com Inc. Amazon Web Services Blog Avaya Inc. 2006 FIFA World Cup Blog Avon Products, Inc. Beauty Dish Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco High Tech Policy Blog Dell, Inc Linux Engineering Electronic Data Systems EDS' Next Big Thing Blog Ford Motor Company 2005 Mustang Blog General Motors Corporation FastLane Blog Hewlett-Packard Company HP Blogs Microsoft Corporation MSDN's Microsoft Blogs Motorola Inc Motoblog: 4 bloggers & a phone Oracle Corporation OraBlogs Sprint Things That Make You Go Wireless Sun Microsystems Inc Jonathan Schwartz Texas Instruments Video 360 Blog Time Warner Inc AOL Blogs The Boeing Company Randy's Journal

Chris (and Doc) may be on to something about observing the correlation between F500 blogging and stock performance.  But at the least, this can serve as a renewable resource for informing social software adoption."


dillo iPAQTM


Dillo on the iPAQTM handheld!!!

... and last but not the least, dillo on the
iPAQTM handheld!!!

Look at the

Effective Programmer

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers


Das sollte jeder bei CIB einmal gelesen haben.

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Graphics Ads or Not on Google?

Krankenkassen sollen 60 Millionen wegen Computerpanne erhalten

Da lohnt es sich einmal nachzudenken ;-) gefunden auf Yahoo

Berlin (AFP)

".....Hintergrund der Panne ist die
Senkung der Beitragssätze für
Arbeitslosengeld-II-Empfänger im März 2005 rückwirkend
zum Januar. Die Software aus dem Hause T-Systems konnte diese Senkung
nicht erfassen und verarbeiten, wie der Berliner "Tagesspiegel" am
Mittwoch berichtete.

und nun kommt es für Eingeweihte:

"Das Software-Problem soll Anfang kommenden Jahres behoben werden."


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