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Google Video für Techies

Mit Greasemonkey und FLV-Player

Wer dauerhaft bequem Google Video nutzen will und auf den Start außerhalb der USA nicht warten mag: Ein Greasemonkey-Script (für Firefox und dessen Plugin Greasemonkey ) und ein FlashVideo-Player sind hilfreich. (Sonst eben Links übersetzen .)

Nachtrag: Klappt nicht mehr. Sehr absurd: Ich darf Hitchcocks Mann, der zuviel wusste kaufen und die erste halbe Minute sehen, aber nicht die Videos, die ichselbst hochlade. (Andreas Göldi nennt die neuenGoogle-Video-Offerten von Europa aus besonders unbrauchbar .)

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Letting Things Go - lifehack.org


Track AdSense Clicks With Google Analytics

Verteiler: [Ho,Og,My,Pn,Jt,Sz]

Track AdSense Clicks With Google Analytics

<!--google_ad_client = "pub-5676236325709660";google_ad_width = 125;google_ad_height = 125;google_ad_format = "125x125_as";google_ad_type = "text_image";google_ad_channel ="6594988334";google_color_border = "FFD165";google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";google_color_link = "336699";google_color_url = "000000";google_color_text = "000000";//-->
It would be cool if Google automatically tracked AdSenseclicks into Google Analytics... But until they do, here's a little bitof JavaScript code you can use to do it. You can then setup an AdSenseclick as a "goal" within the Analytics interface.
<script type= "text/javascript" > // by Shawn - http://www.digitalpoint.com/~shawn/2005/11/track-adsense-clicks-with-google-analytics.html // Put this at the bottom of the page (after the last AdSense block) function adsense_click ( ) { if ( window. status . indexOf ( 'go to' ) == 0 ) { urchinTracker ( '/AdSenseClick' ) ; } } var elements; if ( document. getElementsByTagName ) { elements = document. body . getElementsByTagName ( "IFRAME" ) ; } else if ( document. body . all ) { elements = document. body . all . tags ( "IFRAME" ) ; } else { elements = Array ( ) ; } for ( var i = 0 ; i < elements. length ; i++ ) { if ( elements [ i ] . src . indexOf ( 'googlesyndication.com' ) > - 1 ) { elements [ i ] . onfocus = adsense_click; } } </script>
This only works with Internet Explorer because of some limitations/bugwith Mozilla. I'm too lazy to code a complicated workaround for otherbrowsers (which would involve running JavaScript code whenever themouse moves which seems really inefficient to me). Hopefully Mozillawill fix the bug (although it's been pending for 2 1/2 years now).

Basically it will log an AdSense click as a pageview to a non-existent page ( http://www.digitalpoint.com/AdSenseClick in my case).

Update I made a version of the code that will work with AdSense and/or Yahoo Publisher Network. You can find it over here .

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Online GPX Viewer - powered by Google Maps


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Microcontent Management Systeme - Weblogs als Business Anwendung


Microcontent Management Systeme - Weblogs als Business Anwendung

Was ist ein Weblog?

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Wired News: You Say You Want a Web Revolution


While Microsoft wants to be part of the AJAX revolution, its majorfocus for developers is on helping them build lively, multimediaWindows desktop applications for its next operating systems.

To that end, Microsoft included a user interface development tool called Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly codenamed Avalon) in last week's release of a small batch oftest versions of Vista, its long-delayed successor to Windows XP.

Atlas, Microsoft's AJAX equivalent, won't likely be shown to web developers before the company's developer conference in September.

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Predictable Stories of 2005 aus wired


...... Google Maps: In retrospect, how did anyone bear using MapQuest 's clunky interface, and why didn't we all realize that dragging a map would feel so good?

Of course, the geniuses at Google recognized that every American'sbirthright includes not only a search engine that works, but alsoonline maps complete with Ajax goodness , satellite views and adorable pushpins.

For its part, Google told News.com that it wouldn't talk to its reporters for a year after the site ran a story about Google's privacy implications ,featuring Googleable information about CEO Eric Schmidt. Googlerelented after much publicity and, presumably, the realization thatNews.com (which went so far as to cover Google chefs )planned to include the following line at the end of every Google story:"Google representatives have instituted a policy of not talking withCNET News.com reporters until July 2006 in response to privacy issuesraised by a previous story."

Podcasting's popularity: Given the length ofAmericans' commutes and the domination of drive-time radio by annoyingshock jocks and payola-driven pabulum, predicting thatprogram-it-yourself radio would take off should have been a no-brainer.....

Share Skype


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Google Maps Mania: Skype + Google Maps = MapMe for Skype

Anschauen [Pn, My, Og]

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Schöne Idee

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Peter’s Webmaster Blog » So geht’s: RSS Feeds lesen und abonnieren, RSS Feeds anbieten

Google Analytics tracken

Shawn hat ein JavaScript geschrieben , das es in Google Analytics ermöglicht einen AdSense Klick als Goal zu setzen.


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blogbooster - KnowHow für Blogger

Tips für Blogger vom Feinsten:

Google Analytics: umfangreiches Analyse- und Optimierungstool für Webseiten

Ab heute, Montag, ist es nun freigegeben: das kostenlose Web-Analyse-System für Kunden von Google AdWords . Wie sehr alle Google Adsense und Adwords Nutzer gespannt sind, hat... weiter >> (Bisher 0 Kommentare

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Online GPX Viewer - powered by Google Maps

Sollten wir uns einmal genauer anschauen: [Dev]

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Kyle Mulka’s Weblog » How To Overlay Custom Maps Using the Google Maps API

Wunderschönes Tutorial:

Filed under: Google Maps — Kyle Mulka @ 2:15 am

Bypopular request here is a tutorial on how to use the Google Maps API toput in your own maps (tiles). You can put in transparent tiles over theGoogle Tiles, put your tiles under the Google road tiles (from Hybridmode), put transparent tiles over your own base tiles, or simplyreplace Google’s tiles all together. Your choice.

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