Google Finance: CEMEX S.A. de C.V. (ADR)

für die Freunde des weltweiten Transportbetons lohnt sich ein Blick auf diese Darstellungen:

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Google Finance: Microsoft Corporation

und so sieht Google Microsoft

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FT.com / Media & internet / Google - Google launches free financial news website

zu Googles Finanzseite ein interessanter Artikel bei FT

Google launches free financial news website By Chris Nuttall in San FranciscoPublished: March 21 2006 05:06 | Last updated: March 21 2006 05:06

Google ,the leading internet search engine, will on Tuesday extend itsambitions as a content provider with the launch of Google Finance– a website offering financial data and news.

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Thefree service will be launched in the Google tradition as astill-in-development beta product. But it appears to challenge thewell-established Yahoo Finance and Microsoft’s MSN Money for dominance in the sector.

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Google Finance

Wieder ein neuer Dienst von Google

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