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Google Down Under

G'day Mates! We're excited to announce that we just launched our search appliances in Australia and New Zealand. Ever since we announced the Google Search Appliance and the Google Mini we've gotten constant inquiries from customers down under who wanted to provide Google-quality search across their corporate networks and websites.

Google's approach of providing a complete enterprise search solution - in an appliance - rather than selling just the software means that customers can be up and runnin' and searchin' in little time after unpacking the box. But it also means that we as a company have to go through demanding tests and government processes for importing hardware into a new market. Anyway, we cleared all that and we're happy that now we can answer all those "I want my Google Mini!" demands!

Our customers elsewhere might be asking, "when can I get my hands on the Google Search Appliance?" Well, the answer is: soon! We're working hard to make sure ALL of you can enjoy great enterprise search just as you enjoy Google's web search.

Rodrigo Vaca

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